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Job Summary

Everett Bone and Joint ASC, a division of Proliance Surgeons, Inc., P.S., is looking for a full-time Operating Room Surgical Technologist.

Job Description

Posted: 07/18/2017
Status: Full Time
Type: Clinical
City: Everett, WA

Job Description:

Status:  Full Time – 4- 10 hour shifts

The Operating Room Scrub Technician participates in the care of the surgical patient in the operating room, collaborating with the physician and the circulating nurse during the perioperative course to ensure a positive surgical outcome.


  • Minimum requirements include graduation from an accredited school of technology; current licensure in the State of Washington as a Scrub Technician, BLS certified
  • At least two years of OR experience is desired
  • Experience in orthopedics is required
  • The applicant must be able to communicate effectively and work compatibly with all physicians and staff
  • The applicant will be organized and efficient and possess a clear understanding of the importance of cost containment in an ambulatory surgery center
  • The applicant needs to have the knowledge and clinical skills to perform the job duties of an operating room scrub technician
  • Knowledge of aseptic techniques and surgical instrumentation is necessary
  • Must have an aptitude for understanding, use of, and troubleshooting of machines and equipment
  • The applicant should have an ability to be flexible in job duties and work schedule
  • Physical guidelines include ability to stand/walk for up to eight hours per day; bend, stoop, twist, assist patients in and out of wheelchairs, push wheelchairs, and assist with the moving of patients on and off the operating room table
  • Ability to lift up to 25 pounds and carry materials weighing up to 25 pounds

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Work with all members of the health care team to provide optimal care to the patient throughout the surgical course
  2. Maintain a friendly, positive and caring attitude with all patients, physicians, and staff
  3.  Maintain excellent physical and mental health
  4. Assures that the proper supplies, instruments and equipment are available for the procedure
  5. Assures the equipment is functioning properly
  6. Monitor use of and charge for all supplies used during the procedure.  Assist with inventory control by proper count of supplies used
  7. Continue education to meet state requirements and keep current with health care
  8. Display professionalism at work and in the community as a representative of the ASC
  9. Take an active role on committees within the department
  10. Identifies actual and potential risk to patients and others and takes action to minimize or eliminate risk and maximize safety

Job Duties:

  1.  Prepare for the day’s cases by gathering supplies, instruments and equipment
  2. Wipe flat surfaces in OR the morning of surgery
  3. Set up room with supplies required for the procedure
  4. Assist with positioning of the patient for procedure, using proper positioning techniques
  5. Monitors for breaks in aseptic techniques
  6. Monitors that Universal Precautions are maintained
  7. Performs sponge and needle counts as appropriate
  8. Participates in the Surgical Checklist
  9. Is prepared for emergency situations by knowing correct procedures and locations of Emergency call system
  10. Assists entire team throughout procedure to ensure a desired outcome
  11. Assists in cleaning of room and instruments
  12. Updates physician preference cards
  13. Inspects instruments for proper working order and notifies the Nurses Manager of any that need to be replaced or sent for repair
  14. Checks for outdated supplies
  15. Will assist in restocking inventory and supplies when delivered
  16. Will perform other duties as assigned

How to Apply:

If interested in applying, please email your cover letter and resume through the form below or email to k.miracle@proliancesurgeons.com.

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