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Job Summary

Proliance Eastside Surgery Center, a division of Proliance Surgeons Inc., is seeking a Registered Nurse, Pre-op Coordinator to join our team.

Job Description

Posted: 07/25/2018
Status: Full Time
Type: Clinical
City: Kirkland, WA

Job Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and assesses all patients scheduled for surgery,
  • Works with Anesthesia to ensure each patient is an appropriate candidate for Outpatient Surgery
  • Verifies all required documents have been received and test results have been approved by Anesthesia
  • Patient calls along with close communication with provider’s offices
  • Work with all members of the health care team to provide optimal care to the patient throughout their surgical experience
  • Collaborate with staff when setting the surgery schedule to ensure proper patient lineup
  • Each surgery chart will be reviewed by RN and pre-op phone calls made daily
  • Maintain a friendly, positive and caring attitude with all patient, physicians and staff
  • Maintain excellent physical and mental health
  • Document appropriately the care/instructions given to the patient
  • Ensure preparation is complete for the next day’s cases
  • Continue education to meet State requirements and keep current with health care
  • Performs administrative duties pertinent to position (ie. Daily documentation of missing paperwork, monthly report)
  • Display professionalism at work and in the community as a representative of the Center
  • Identifies actual and potential risk to patients and others and takes action to minimize or eliminate risk and maximize safety 
  • Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds

Job Duties:

  • Prepare for arrival of patients to the surgery center by making sure that all required documentation and testing have been performed and received
  • Review patient charts for health history, make sure permission for surgery has been given
  • Ensure all cardiac documentation necessary is available for Anesthesia to review in a timely manner
  • Provide information to the patient and their caregiver to assure that they understand their instructions, know what to expect for their upcoming surgery and all questions have been answered
  • Communicate with other health care team members to assure continuity of care in the Center
  • Ability to assist as needed in Admitting and Recovery room, including post-op calls to patients after surgery
  • Is prepared for emergency situations by knowing correct procedures and locations of emergency call system


  • Graduation from an accredited school of nursing
  • Current State licensure
  • ACLS accreditation
  • Two years of Recovery Room, Intensive Care or Emergency Room experience is desired

Preferred Accomplishments:

  • Experience in Orthopedics and outpatient surgery
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Ability to work compatibly with all physicians and staff
  • Possess strong organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Clear understanding of the importance of professional etiquette through phone calls and email correspondence


  • Knowledge and clinical skills to perform the job duties of a Recovery Room nurse
  • Must be able to assess patients over the phone  
  • Ability to handle emergency situations appropriately

Physical Guidelines:

  • Ability to stand/walk/sitting for up to eight hours per day
  • Bend, stoop, and twist
  • This job is mostly at a desk and includes a lot of phone calls


This description is intended to describe the essential job functions, the general supplemental functions and the essential requirements for the performance of this job. It is not an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities and requirements of a person so classified. Other functions may be assigned and management retains the right to add or change the duties at any time.

How to Apply:

If interested in applying, please submit your cover letter and resume through the form below or email to Use "Preop RN" in the subject line.

We regret we are not in a position to respond to all applicants.

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