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October 29, 2020

Partnership Delivers Better Care and Reduced Costs

  • Proliance Surgeons is partnering with Regence and Signify Health
  • Expanding telemedicine visits and other patient engagement services
  • Providing more contact with our patients throughout their recovery

Proliance Surgeons is partnering with Regence and Signify Health to positively transform healthcare for providers, employers, individuals, and families in Washington State. This new partnership is designed to reduce the overall cost of care while offering a more profound relationship between our medical team and patients to ensure the best care.

Collaborative Partnership

Quality Care

Reduced Costs

Through the REGENCE EPISODES OF CARE (EOC) PROGRAM, managed by Signify Health, Proliance and other providers are paid for delivering improved patient outcomes and lower costs over the course of a specific care need, like a knee replacement or childbirth. 

As part of this program, we’ve expanded our services to include new telemedicine visits, nursing management, patient engagement systems and more, allowing our medical staff to remain in contact with our patients, learn how they’re recovering from surgery, and further enhance our market-leading delivery of outpatient surgery satisfaction and exceptional outcomes.

“Proliance’s partnership with Regence and Signify Health strengthens our position as a leader in outpatient surgery,” said Mark Barnhart, CEO of Proliance Surgeons. “The new program provides our surgeons with outcome measures that are compared with national benchmarks, helping us continuously search for areas of improvement throughout the care episode. The program aligns perfectly with our commitment to provide our patients with the right care, in the right location, at the right time. We are honored to be a partner in a program that supports our organizational values to provide excellent, high-value clinical care.”

“Regence is a pioneer in designing value-based arrangements that drive greater provider collaboration to achieve more efficient and effective care,” said Francois de Brantes, SVP, Episodes of Care at SIGNIFY HEALTH. “We’re delighted to partner with Regence to build a network of distinction that includes provider groups like Proliance, which shares our vision for improving quality and the healthcare experience for the people we serve.”

“2020 has been both a challenging and transformative year for healthcare. Amid these changes, Regence is focused on partnerships that deliver more personalized, affordable, and effective care for our members,” said Kristie Putnam, vice president of provider partnership innovation at REGENCE. “Working with Proliance on Episodes of Care provides a strong, collaborative foundational partnership to deliver on this mission.”

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