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We offer a complete spectrum of state-of-the art, convenient, in-office diagnostics and treatment of all ear, nose, throat, and allergy conditions.  In addition, we offer a full range of facial plastic surgery, including minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures.

Simply, we provide superior medical care, right in your neighborhood.

Specializing in you.

Our Services

Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT)

Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists, also known as Otolaryngologists, attend to disorders in the ear, nose and throat and associated areas of the head and neck. The ENT physicians at Proliance South Seattle Otolaryngology are all board certified in Otolaryngology with additional specialized training in the following.

Nasal and Sinus

The sinus doctors at Proliance South Seattle Otolaryngology offer expert diagnosis and effective treatment options for all types of nasal and sinus disorders.


Allergy Testing and Treatment

The ENT/allergy doctors at Proliance South Seattle Otolaryngology offer our patients a full spectrum of allergy testing to diagnose your specific allergies.



The ENT/pediatric doctors at Proliance South Seattle Otolaryngology treat pediatric ear infections, tonsils and adenoids, sleep disorders, and more.


Our Providers


Peter F. Maurice, MD

ENT, Facial Plastic Surgery

General ENT, Sinusitis, Allergy, Inspire
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David Q. Santos, MD

Ear Nose & Throat, Facial Plastic Surgery

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Helpful, considerate, on time. Full and clear explanations before any treatment or procedure, plus clear explanation after. Questions encouraged and answered in full.
– Anonymous, Patient

Our Locations

Patient Resources

New Patient Information

Before You Arrive:

Please have the following ready when you come to your appointment:

  • Insurance card(s)
  • Co-pay / a credit card
  • Photo Identification
  • List of all current medications (prescription, over-the-counter, and supplements); some patients thoughtfully bring in there medicines.
  • All relevant films or scans and the corresponding interpretation reports
  • Any relevant prior medical/surgical/audiological records
  • New patient forms – see the Patient Resources/New Patient Forms section to print and fill out these 4 essential forms and any additional forms or questionnaires that apply to your unique condition, in advance of your appointment, in order to speed up your check in process and make the most of your appointment.

In order to make the most out of your first visit, here are some additional suggestions or recommendations:

  • Write down your questions prior to the appointment. This will help to make sure you address all your concerns with your doctor.
  • Write down any symptoms you may have. Try to be as specific as possible regarding the quality and character of your symptoms and timing.
  • Some patients benefit from bringing in their medications, even over-the-counter products, to facilitate an accurate description of their medical concerns and treatments.
  • Feel free to bring an objective family member or friend to your appointment. They can often help you answer questions and provide additional information the doctor may need or help you remember information or instructions your doctor provided.
  • Wear comfortable clothes suitable for exam of the head and neck (i.e., avoid turtle necks or obscuring scarfs or hats).
  • Please turn off cell phone ringers in our office out of respect to others and to help you communicate with our physicians and staff.

Post Operative Instructions

The following instructions are intended as general advice to our post operative patients.  The information provided should be considered a supplement to the detailed information provided to you by your surgeon.  Specific instructions are frequently provided to personalize care when needed.

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