Local surgeons plan ahead: Here's our take on the "New Normal"


From KOMO News:

(SEATTLE) One of the largest groups of surgeons in the country has submitted a plan for re-instating elective surgeries postponed by Covid-19.

Doctor Charles Peterson is President of Proliance Surgeons, a group representing 250 surgeons across the Northwest. He’s released what they call a “blueprint” for re-opening hospitals and medical centers to non-life threatening procedures once the immediate danger of the Coronavirus has passed.

Peterson detailed the plan in a conversation with KOMO’s Brian Calvert. 

Listen to the interview at komonews.com.

Download the official blueprintElective Patient Care and Surgery in the Era of Pandemics: A Blueprint for Responding and Recovering from SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, While Preparing for the Future