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March 12, 2024

Proliance Surgeons Unveils Refreshed Mission, Vision, and Values

  • Proliance Surgeons is committed to demonstrating these values at every level of the organization, from clinical to administrative.
  • CSO leadership, physicians, and team members across Proliance contributed to the mission update.
  • The mission supports the best possible outcomes for patients.
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Seattle, Washington, March 2024 — Proliance Surgeons, a renowned leader in independent physician-managed healthcare and a highly referred group of specialists in Washington state, proudly announces the launch of its revitalized mission, vision, and values, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the company. These guiding principles encapsulate the essence of Proliance Surgeons’ commitment to delivering exceptional patient care and embody the collective aspirations of their entire organization.

The journey towards this momentous milestone commenced in early 2023, with a series of extensive listening sessions involving all members of the organization, including leaders, staff, and physicians. Subsequent feedback and collaborative review sessions, culminating with the Proliance Surgeons Board’s approval, have shaped the new direction of the organization.

According to Dr. John D. Pryor, Proliance Surgeons Board President, “As a board member of Proliance Surgeons, I am thrilled to witness the unveiling of our revitalized mission, vision, and values. These guiding principles underscore our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional patient care and advancing the standard of healthcare excellence. Together, we embrace our collective responsibility to uphold these values and ensure that every patient receives the personalized attention they deserve.”

Proliance Surgeons’ newly unveiled mission, vision, and values:


To provide world-class patient care to our communities through physician-led healthcare.


Exceptional outcomes, personally delivered every day.


Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Equity, Stewardship

These values, captured in the acronym CARES, signify that Proliance “CARES” about its mission and team members.

These guiding principles will serve as the cornerstone of their organizational culture, permeating every aspect of their operations. Embracing these values of Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Equity, and Stewardship, will empower team members to work together seamlessly, pooling their expertise and resources to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients.

Moreover, these values will inform and guide every decision, ensuring that each action taken aligns with their mission of providing world-class patient care. From clinical practices to administrative processes, their commitment to these principles will foster a culture of excellence and innovation, where patient well-being is always the top priority.

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