Happy Holidays from Bellevue Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic


Happy Holidays from the physicians and staff at Bellevue Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic.

The Night Before Christmas:  BENT version


                                           'Twas the night before Christmas when all through the office,

Doctors Zundel and Lee were feeling quite cautious.

For the day had gone by …without sinus problem,

A facial trauma… or an ear conundrum. 


                                          Our sweet, kindly staff was watching the lobby

While visions of sugarplums made them feel groggy.

Zundel (in festive sweater) and Lee (in jolly hat)

Had just settled in for a long winter chat.


                                          When through the front door there arose such a clatter,

MA’s rushed from their posts to see what was the matter.

Away to the front they all flew like a flash

To find Santa with no insurance… being asked for cash.


                                           His ear was as red as his plump Santa suit,

And he told us the pain was very acute.

Then what to our wondering eyes should appear,

But his merry, jolly face… had become one of fear. 


                                           “The children”, he said, “simply must get their toys

For they’ve all been such good little girls and boys.

But if I can’t hear… the hooves of the reindeer

Christmas will be ruined because of my bad ear.


                                          So we patted his back and gave him a grin

And assured… “You’ll be fine, Santa, just come on in.”

First to the audio booth, he looked a bit stressed,

And it was confirmed:  his hearing was messed.


                                          We called over Duong, and Truong, and Laury,

And Knipe, Kopelovich and also Villari.

But before we got started we pulled out an APP

And each took a selfie on Santa’s lap.



                                          While Laury put in drops, Kopelovich consulted on phone

As we worked on a plan to solve the unknown.

Knipe exclaimed, “I want a good look?”

While Zundel pondered, he read a book.


                                           Lee positioned the scope and it became very clear…

The jolly old elf had candy cane in his ear.

Duong turned to Truong and said “Holy Cow!”

I can’t do this.   I don’t know how.”


                                          “Call in Turnbow, she’s good with ear gunk,

And we know she’ll like cleaning out candy cane hunk.”

Villari, while waiting, checked Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Ho’s”,

And concluded Claus’ voice was good as it goes.


                                          Then in rushed Turnbow, wanting to be swift…

Because she knew in a moment she must help St. Nick.

We lined up behind her and with all of our might…

Worked to get Santa Claus back to his night.


                                           We pulled and we tugged and at last it gave way,

And his jolly returned… (‘til Billing asked for his pay).

But off he went; to his sleigh he took flight,

The gifts to deliver on a magical night. 


                                          He could hear all the sounds from the hooves and the jingles,

So up, up he rose:  it gave us the tingles.

And we heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight…


                                    Merry Christmas Proliance, and to all a good night.