Proliance Eastside Surgery Center finds creative way to manage noise levels


Quiet, Please: Four women staff members at the Proliance Eastside Surgery Center stand in navy blue scrubs.

QUIET, PLEASE Staff at the Proliance Eastside Surgery Center found a creative way to manage noise levels in pre-op and PACU.


Featured in Magazine, April 2020:

Patient satisfaction surveys and comments from providers trying to communicate with patients indicated that the ambient noise in our small pre/post-operative area was becoming an issue, especially during the early morning hustle and bustle of getting the day started. While noise-reducing options like acoustical privacy curtains are a great option, they're expensive. Our solution: a Yakker Trakker. This inexpensive device is an interactive sound or decibel meter designed like a traffic signal. When the room's volume is at an acceptable level, the meter shines green. As volume rises, the traffic light flashes yellow and when the preset decibel limit is reached the device flashes red and sounds an alarm to remind everyone to lower their voices. The device has helped to reduce the noise factor in our facility in a fun and effective way.

Carmen Wilson, RN, BSN, CIC
Proliance Eastside Surgery Center
Kirkland, Washington